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   May 11

‘Absolutely putrid’: Fishermen hunt source of foul smell around Perth’s southern beaches

Living things on earth need water in order to live – plants and animals, and human being solely depend almost all in its daily activities. In other words, water is the elixir of plants, animals and especially human being’s existence in this world. Therefore, we should do our best to protect it from being polluted in order to give life to all living things that depends form it.

The main reason why our bodies of water get polluted is due to man’s abusive activities. Man’s illegal activities are the main cause of water pollution. The quality of our water sources is greatly affected by indiscriminate disposal of waste materials from houses thrown to the river banks, seas, and lakes greatly. This also includes some leaks from oil depot and chemical containers, extraction of water from ground water, discharging of trade effluent into water drains, use of insecticides and synthetic fertilizers by farmers.

Another major contributor to water pollution is solid waste. Solid waste such as plastic materials, Styrofoam, aluminium, and metals glasses into the sea and water ways. These materials take a very long time to decompose. They stuck on water ways and eventually cause floods.

Water pollution is one of the worst problems most countries face including Australia. It may be not as serious as it sounds for some, but this problem has a tremendous impact to the life and human race.

There are preventive measures you can apply to avoid water pollution, though simple as it can be could also contribute for the benefit of the populace.

In a report released by the Sunday Morning Herald, residents noticed a foul-smelling sludge that washed up on many of the coasts of Perth’s southern suburbs main beaches. Read more at:

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