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   Jul 17

My survival tips after three years of running my own business

Entrepreneurship is an excellent job decision because it does not only make you your own boss, but it gives you unlimited possibilities of becoming successful. However, running a business is not an easy job. In fact, an alarming number of new businesses collapse in the first year, and many of the survivors do not live […]

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   Dec 20

5 Essentials Startups Need to Survive

Starting a business a new business can be both exciting and scary. This is because, a new company can find itself among a number of challenges and obstacles at any point in time. From hiring the apt team to making the business grow, from improving the brand’s image to delivering the key message, startup entrepreneurs […]

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   Apr 19

The Basic Features of the Four Financial Statements & Their Interrelationships

What are financial statements? What are they for? Why do businesses need to understand and interpret what they represent? There are numerous different ways to analyse the value of a certain company or organisation. However, the most effective is to look at its financial statement. Normally, an accountant prepares such financial statement. A company releases […]

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